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A Valentine’s Day DINOS™ Contest!

The other week the fabulous folks at offered me a $50 gift card to do a little shopping on their site. But I couldn’t resist an opportunity to pass along this gift to you guys, so has kindly agreed to let me give away the gift card as a prize to one lucky reader!

I thought about doing a photo contest, but am I the only one that gets a little bummed out by those? 

I always feel bad for the dogs with photos that don’t get a lot of “likes”, so I wind up voting for that blurry photo of the dog with flash-induced red-eye and a dirty laundry pile in the background. (Seriously, why do people enter those terrible photos in contests? They know everyone can see their tighty whities on the floor and that their dogs look like angry ghosts, don’t they?) 

Maybe we’ll do one in the future, because I really love seeing your dogs, but for this contest, I thought I’d do something a little different! 

Drum roll please…

Get ready for the very first DINOS Valentine’s Day Essay Contest

We all know that living with DINOS can be tough some days, but in the end, we love the fur right off of these guys.

In 750 words or less, take a crack at this theme: “A Love Letter to my DINOS” and tell me how living with a DINOS has brought you joy. In other words, I want to know how awesome life can be with DINOS.

Here are some questions to help you brainstorm (you don’t have to actually answer these, but it might help get you started):  What life lessons have you learned from living with DINOS? What is it about your dog that makes all the tough stuff worthwhile? What do you wish people knew about your DINOS? What weird faces do they make when they’re sleeping that make you laugh so hard, you forget about how miserable it was to walk them that day?

Hint: I want you to make me laugh or cry or laugh until I cry or maybe even cry until I start laughing. You get the idea, right?

Send your entries (one per person, please), plus a photo or three of your DINOS to:

Boogie (he’s the poet, after all) and I will choose one winner to receive the $50 gift card to and we’ll publish your essay on our blog and Facebook for everyone to enjoy! 

If there are some real gems, beyond the winning entry, I’d love to share those  essays on my blog too.  So if you enter the contest, be sure you’re ok with the public reading what you wrote.

Rules: Please send entries to by midnight on Friday, February 10th

The contest is open to everyone, but only residents of the continental U.S. are eligible to win the gift card** – sorry guys,  they don’t ship internationally or to AK and HI.  So, if you’re outside that area, you can still enter, but won’t be able to use the gift card personally.

**A quick thinking fan has suggested that if someone from outside of the continental U.S.  wins the contest, they could donate the gift card to an animal shelter or rescue, of their choice, that is located within the shipping area (the lower 48 states). Not only is that a great idea, but that’s an option for anyone who wins, no matter where they live.  If you win and would like to donate the gift card, we’ll work out the details together, so the right party receives the promo code. (Thanks Joyanne!)

Questions? Hit me up on Facebook or email:

The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day!

Dear Boogie, This moment made it all worthwhile. Love, Mom

  1. LOL. Dirty Laundry. Don’t they know they can photoshop out that stuff. Or pretend the dog is talking and cover up the underwear with a thought bubble or something.

    That’s what I do 🙂

    February 3, 2012

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