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All Things DINOS™

Welcome to Team DINOS™ where we believe:   DINOS are GOOD dogs, they just need space!

Below you’ll find all the most popular DINOS highlights from my blog, plus everything you need to spread the word:


DINOS Basics

New to the page and not sure what a DINOS or MDIF is? Start here: My Dog is Friendly PSA!

Now that you know what a DINOS is, here’s what we want! And here it is with less snark.

Hate reading? Watch the DINOS Movie and share with your friends.

Not sure if you’re a DINOS? Find out here.

Not sure if you’re a MDIF? Find out here.



Looking for printer-friendly handouts? There are four pdfs (and counting, so check back!).

Need help finding good training tools, classes, and resources for your DINOS?  There’s a gold mine of help in the Living with DINOS Resource Guide.

Looking for safe ways to exercise your DINOS? Check out our tips for exercising your dog indoors.

Need a high value reward to motivate your DINOS?

Want a t-shirt or sticker? Here’s The DINOS Store!


DINOS Love Safe Communities

Really hate retractable leashes? You’re not alone.

Why are leash laws so important? Meet Murphy the Service Dog and find out.

Need help fending off loose dogs?

Is the term DINOS just another way to say “dangerous dog”? No way. We all want safe communities.  Here’s how we get them.


Connect and Share

Would you like to reprint or reblog something you found here? Please do so with these guidelines.

Join a Dog Walking Social Group in your area.

Want to connect with other DINOS families? Join us on Facebook!

Want to add a DINOS badge to your blog or website? Get one here!


Check back for more and thanks for reading. Viva los DINOS!


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