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Walking and Reading: 1|18|14

New Year's greetings Newsboy throwing confetti

It’s still New Year’s right? We get until February before it’s Ye Old News, I think.

For the Humans:

Being busy isn’t a badge of honor.  It’s not enough to just be busy. How are we really using our time?

The award for best cartoon tribute in the “Man + His Cat” category goes to this dude. 

For the Dogs:

Tips for living with a blind dog (super cute Beagle alert)

Please read this one. It’s going to help you and your dogs. Pinky swear.

Are you following The Dogist yet? I love these photos of dogs on the streets of New York (and elsewhere).

For the Laugh:

Imagine waking up to this.

And Offline:

I’m taking a night class right now so these days my offline reading is heavy on books related to Adult Education. We’re discussing Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write. Ever read it? She’s the woman behind The Artist’s Way.

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  1. theresa dresp #

    What a WONDERFUL, well referenced post! I’ve enjoyed it immensely!

    January 19, 2014

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