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In Gratitude

boogie in the sun

“Gratitude goes beyond the ‘mine’ and ‘thine’ and claims the truth that all of life is a pure gift. In the past I always thought of gratitude as a spontaneous response to the awareness  of gifts received, but now I realize that gratitude can also be lived as a discipline. The discipline of gratitude is the explicit effort to acknowledge that all I am and have is given to me as a gift of love, a gift to be celebrated with joy.”

– Henri J. M. Nouwen

  1. Love this xx

    November 28, 2013
  2. Very true. I know I need to cultivate a daily practice of gratitude. It’s so easy to get lost in all the minutiae of dreary life but every day we are alive really is a gift.

    November 28, 2013
    • I’m working on that too. It was helpful for me to start thinking of mindfulness and gratitude (which go hand in hand for me) as a *practice* – not a state to arrive at, but something to work with every day of my life.

      November 29, 2013
  3. Anna #

    I say that having my dog is like living full time with a Zen master. He greets every moment, no matter how ‘mundane,’ with such joy. Love the photo and the quote, thank you.

    November 28, 2013
    • Yes! Animals are the best at teaching us to stay present and enjoy the moment. Have you read ‘Guardians of Being”? One of my favorites.

      November 29, 2013
  4. lucysmom8 #


    November 28, 2013
  5. whydowepaythem #

    I am grateful for all that I have and with the enjoyment of life. I’m also grateful that I have a wonderful dog with whom to share my life.

    November 29, 2013

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