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Walking and Reading: 11|8|13

If you have a couple hundred bucks to spare, this vintage Dapper Dandy Dog can be yours!

If you have a couple hundred bucks to spare, this vintage Dapper Dandy Dog can be yours!

For the Dogs:

I shared this helpful blog Will You Be Coming Home to Your Dog Tonight? on Facebook earlier this year but: 1. it’s too important to forget, so read it again and 2. there’s an update at the end from medical and emergency personnel that you may have missed the first time around.

A collection of vintage photographs of Man’s Best Friend. I’ll tell you my favorite, if you tell me yours!


For the Humans:

This is what a porcupine sounds like when it’s having a snack. You need this right now.

What Captures Your Attention Controls Your Life.  I am controlled by dog turds and cat yak.

There are rules to city walking. Get to know the Step-and-Slide and do some urban strolling like a pro.


For the Laughs:

Behold! Shittens.

Don’t miss the soulful jingle in the video. Best lyrics ever.


And Offline:  I’m reading so many books and magazines and articles right now that I’m not sure which end is up. I just listened to The Great Failure by Natalie Goldberg and if you’re into Buddhists, Jews, New Yorkers, complicated relationships, and writers (I am!) it’s amazing.

  1. TA #

    Vintage Photos of Man’s Best Friend….Cowboy and his dog is my fav…love the whole idea of devoted canine, living on horse back, the great unspoiled outdoors.

    November 9, 2013
    • That is a beautiful photo! I’m a sucker for the polished looking lady with the big, happy bulldog on her lap (6th one down). I think I’d like to hang out with those two!

      November 9, 2013
      • I love the fat guy with the little terrier. He could be a member of my family. We’ve always had the little feists as you can see from my icon and they are a part of the family.

        November 10, 2013
        • I love that one too. I can only imagine all the interesting stuff those two saw while stoop-sitting together!

          November 11, 2013

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