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Your Picks for DINOS-Friendly Veterinarians

Earlier this month on Facebook I asked Team DINOS (that’s you guys):

“Do you have a trusted veterinarian that goes above and beyond to create a positive experience for your fearful, anxious, or aggressive dog? Are they compassionate about your dog’s needs, rather than judgmental? Are they skilled at handling your dogs using low-stress techniques and/or knowledgeable about behavior modification? “

You guys did not disappoint. So many of you shared your faves that it took me a bazillion and half hours to organize, alphabetize, and link your responses. But I finally have a list to share!

I posted the whole thing over on the Dogs in Need of Space website so you can always find it:

vet capture

Go on over and check it out.

But keep this in mind: picking a vet is so, so personal. A vet that comes highly recommended by one DINOS family might turn out not be the best match for your dog. It happened to me.  One person loves a particular vet, the next person hates them. It’s just the way it seems to go. So, the list is a really great reference, but you won’t know if a vet is the right match until you meet with them. Annoying. I know.

Ok, now go and look!

  1. Jessica, please add my/our vet to your list:

    SC, Taylors — Sunrise Animal Hospital (with a special shout to Dr. Steve Colquhoun).

    He is wonderful! I’ve been taking my dogs — previous and current — to him for over 13 years. My previous dog was afraid of vets until I found Dr. Steve. He put her at ease immediately, and she loved him right up to the evening that he and I helped her start her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. And he sent me a sympathy card a few days later. My 2 Goldens have been his patients since they were 7 weeks old; and while the younger one is a little shy, he does get her to come out of her shell fairly quickly. And my shelter pup has been his patient since the day we adopted her. And while she is fearful around people she doesn’t know well — especially men — she goes right to Dr. Steve like she does to my husband.

    September 28, 2013
  2. Devin #

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was once told by a vet’s office when I called that we were not welcome there. I was so ashamed, but this helps me knowing that others understand.

    September 30, 2013
  3. poodle #

    Another vet, Right at home in Columbia Mo. She comes to your house so you don’t have to deal with the crazy office and she was very good with my fearful dog. Instead of traumatizing her for getting blood pulled she went slow, ample with the treats then after about 2 hours saw that it just wasn’t going to happen so she came back another day . When she came back she had us give our dog zanax before hand so it wouldn’t be a traumatic expernce for our dog.

    October 4, 2013

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