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Guest Post: A Love Letter to Jemma

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I asked readers to write a love letter to their DINOS and picked a winning essay.  Throughout February, I’ll be sharing all of the entries.

Here’s what Blythe wrote:

Dear Jemma,

We didn’t know that you, our 65lb. pitty mix, were a DINOS when we brought you home from the shelter, all skinny and woozy from the anesthesia from your spay.  Heck, I didn’t know what a DINOS was until just the other day, but once we read about DINOS we knew that was what we have on our hands. 

But… we also have a squiggly-wiggly girl who grumbles contentedly when she has her belly rubbed and “laughs” when she’s tickled under her chin.  We have a tug-o-war champion and enthusiastic hide-and-seek partner.  You’re a girl who loves staring contests with the ‘possums on the fire escape and snores louder than your Daddy.  Yes, you’re a DINOS who loves 6am walks and empty dog runs and slurping my nieces until they fall over laughing.


There are some days when I wish I could bring home a new sister or brother for you from the shelter, and there are some days when I wish we could have a carefree playdate with our friends’ furbabies.  But, at the end of the day when you’re stretched out across both of our laps and you heave a big sigh, we know that you’re the happiest you’ve probably ever been in your tough little life.  And we know we’d do anything for our DINOS and wouldn’t trade you for a million dollars.


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