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Super Tough Dog Toys: GoughNuts

Those of us that have dogs who destroy toys in seconds tend to spend a lot of money buying “tough” toys that turn out to be real duds.  And you quickly discover that even the ones that are “guaranteed” tough, tend to get ripped to pieces in less time than it took to go to the store to buy the toy in the first place.

If your dog destroys everything, I highly recommend GoughNuts.  They’re more expensive than your average toy, but they’re worth every penny, because they really do last. So in the end you save money because you aren’t wasting money on other flimsy toys.

These super tough, solid toys are so hard-core, I know a family with three pit bulls who have been playing with a single black ring for over a year. Subjected to heavy use, it still doesn’t have a dent in it. Dude. That’s what a tough toy is supposed to be. Ammirite?

The toys come in green and black.  Rubber loses some of its strength when coloring is added to it, so the black ones are the tougher of the two colors. My own dog, Boogie, who rips apart “Tuffies” and other toys designed for heavy chewers, didn’t know what to do with the large black ring. He would pick it up, give me a look that said, “Oy! This is heavy!”, run a few steps and drop it from exhaustion. I finally got him the lighter green ring, same size, and it suited him better for playing and chewing.

That’s the first time I’ve had to find a less-tough toy for Boogie!


Not only are they super tough, but they have a nice safety feature – the inner red core.  If your dog does manage to do some damage, then you know it’s still safe for them to play with until you can see the red core. I’ve never seen the red core, because I’ve never seen a damaged GoughNuts in real life, but I believe that it exists.

And if that’s not enough, they float too.

The pet store where I used to work sold these, and every time I sent one home, I would ask the customers to let me know if their dogs were able to rip these up.  Not one customer had a dog that destroyed these and never once did they get returned. This was unheard of from a customer-base who liked to return bags of $80 kibble, nearly empty, wanting their money back because the dog didn’t “like” the food.

GoughNuts are the real deal folks. And they don’t get paid to say that…I’m just tough toy fangirl.

Check out the website here and, if you buy one, let me know if your dog can crack this nut!

  1. Ursula Rohrer #

    My dog has the second black stick and within 5 minutes she had the tip of the stick and the red showed I am not sending it back again I just won’t purchase another one. Something about that stick has to be changed so it can’t be chewed off like that. She has the donut and plays with it every day and it is still okay. Whyis that stick so easy to be destroied? My dog is a Australien Cattle dog she is a heavy chewer she loves that stick but it dosen’t last long. Do you have any advice? Please reply. Thank you

    Ursula Rohrer

    January 13, 2013
    • Hmmmm, I have dont know why the stick isn’t lasting…what does the company say? Glad the donut still works. Maybe you could exchange the stick for another donut or a ball?

      January 13, 2013

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