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DINOS™: The Cartoon, a PSA in Pictures

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Wow, what a week this has been! Thank you to everyone who has turned one dog walker’s lament into an internet sensation. The DINOS™ concept has taken off and in the past few days, I’ve had requests from all over the world to share the blog in newsletters, public spaces, and adoption packets. The message is spreading, folks. How cool, is that?

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, I was thrilled to discover that Lili Chin, illustrator and mom to a DINOS named Boogie (just like my dog Boogie – what are the odds?), created this fabulous illustrated version of our message! You can see the original post on her blog here.

Many of you have contacted me to see if there are t-shirts and other merchandise available for purchase. I’ve teamed up with a graphic designer (she’ll be revealed soon), who shares her life with DINOS and has agreed to help me turn my slogans, both funny and serious, into gear for a DINOS Cafe Press store.  In the not-so-distant future, you’ll be able to warn MDIFs in style! 

I’ve also had requests for some sort of unique and clear DINOS symbol for our dogs to wear, in the hopes that MDIFs will be able to recognize DINOS and give them space.  I heard your demands and it’s in the works. Details will come later, when it’s more clearly mapped out, but let’s just say it involves the color red and after the holidays I’ll plan for an International DINOS Day to launch it.  Stay tuned…

Finally, thank you to all of the dog trainers, dog clubs, rescues, and DINOS families that have shared the blog and joined us on Facebook.   There is a movement building that is larger than anything I could have imagined and the potential to educate the public is here. 

So, keep an eye here on the blog and on the Facebook page for updates, plus resources and tips for Living with DINOS…We’re Taking Back Our Space!

Viva los DINOS!

p.s. don’t forget to check out Lili’s work at Doggie Drawings!

DINOS © Copyright Jessica Dolce 2011

DINOS Dogs In Need of Space© Copyright Jessica Dolce 2011