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Team DINOS Store

 If you’re looking for official DINOS gear, please visit The Team DINOS Cafe Press store.

dinos cafe press store


I teamed up with the cool kids over at Design Lab Creative  Studio  to help me create DINOS gear that I  hoped would do two things:  Show off your DINOS pride and help to give you the space your DINOS need.

It wasn’t easy, but we finally came across the right balance of fun and functional.  Here’s a teaser of what you’ll find in the shop:


There’s functional clothing that warns others that you and your dog needs space:


And one for all of us that love it when people respect our personal space:

Of course, there are dog tees too! Now your DINOS have a voice:

This is just a tiny sample of what’s in the new store. There are coffee mugs, tote bags, mini-buttons, postcards, hats, and even pajamas! Head on over to the shop and take a look around. I hope you find something that makes you smile and helps to make your dog walks a little easier.



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  1. Diane #

    Fantastic! How about adding bandanas, or baseball caps too? Also, something that says: Ask me before petting or Ask if its OK to pet me.

    February 10, 2012
    • Hi Diane, Cafe Press doesn’t offer bandanas, but that may be something I can do in the future. I’ll look into hats too. There won’t be any new messages for a while, so I hope there’s something that works for your dog!

      February 10, 2012
  2. Lauren #

    I love the store! Well played, DINOS, well played.

    February 10, 2012
  3. I SO wish I had found this site a couple of years ago! I got so fed up being mugged by other off lead dogs and sneered at by rude people who assumed I just had a psycho dog instead of a fearful little lad trying so hard with his training that I bought the only customisable vest I could find.

    It’s luminous yellow, like something a workman would wear and so big you can’t really read the ‘Dog in training, please ignore’ lettering I paid so much for! Needless to say I don’t wear it!

    Great blog by the way!

    June 4, 2012
    • “Mugged” is such a great way to explain how it feels to be bombed by off leash dogs. I hope your DIY vest helped your little guy!

      June 11, 2012
    • Allison #

      I couldn’t agree MORE with everything you said!!! Too many know-it-all’s out there—and SO ignorant that they don’t know the first thing about Fear Aggression— they just think we have mean dogs! :(( Thanx for posting!

      February 3, 2013

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